Vacuum operated machines

Vacuum operand machines from Swedish company TAWI are designed for lifting, transferring and handling loads weighing up to 250 kg.


The devices are used in different operations primarily to carry bags, cartons, barrels, sheets, plates.


In the food industry for the handling of cheese, flour, boxes, bags, barrels with water and packaging group.


In the construction industry for handling, blocks, slabs, planks, doors, pipes.

In the chemical industry for handling bags, boxes, drums.


In agriculture, for handling bags and cartons.

In engineering for handling sheet metal, boilers and cardboard. In the electronics industry for handling servers, boxes.


Among the special applications is the manipulation of television screens during packaging, batteries, wood blanks.


Tawi VacuEasylift’s manipulaotrs operate on vacuum, and the object is raised by using a heat-shrinkable sleeve and held through a special suction cup.


Manipulators can be, according to the distance at which objects should be transferred, suspended on a simple swivel arm, or a more complex taxiway construction. At these instalations, the firm always supplies  the static assessment to ensure safety during handling.

Illustrations of Vacuum operated machines

Vacuum operated machines

Illustrations of Vacuum operated machines

Illustrations of vacuum operated machines

Podtlakové manipulátory