Automatic packaging and palletization for rubber bales

AUTOMATIC PACKAGING AND PALLETIZING OF RUBBER BALES (KAUCUK) from Albertina is a complete transport, wrapping, detection and palletization system suitable for all producers of SBR or PBR rubber bales.


The complete system layout is fully designed and manufactured according to customer/user requirements and dimensions of production halls.


Albertina roller and chain conveyors modular system can be optimized for different dimensions of rubber bales and also palletized crates or boxes.


The complete system is controled by main central PLC Siemens with HMI touchpanel with possibility of a communication with supervisor host system of customer / user.


The complete system can consist of one or more packaging and pallitizing line(s) or only packaging part or palletizing part, which can be designed for connection to already delivered / used customer's machines.