Check weighers

Checking scale is a fully automatic machine for continuous dynamic weighing of products. Three series in conjunction with a wide variety of weighing units allows you to select a weight as necessary, depending on the product and the parameters of the production line.

They are usedin the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.



You can choose from the following series:


•WM - the simplest and cheapest option is suitable for technological weighing

•SYNUS - suitable for all common applications associated with a dynamic commercial and technological weighing

•EWK 3000 - top of the line checkweighers - suitable for highly accurate weighing at high belt speeds and a wide range of weights of products



WM offers:


•The balance in the range of 6-150 kg

•Weighing accuracy of 1 g

•Weighing in power lines up to 60 pcs / min

•Continuously adjustable conveyor of height in the range of 0.6 to 1.1 meters

•Outputs for control separator or connection to PLC

•Simple operation



SYNUS & EWK3000 offers:


•The balance in the range of 1-60 kg

•Weighing accuracy of 0.1 g

•Weighing in power lines up to 300 pcs / min

•Continuously adjustable conveyor height

•Easy maintenance

•Control buttons or 15 "touch screen

•Easy-to-use menu

•Calculation and graphical representation of the entire production statistics / lot

•Suitable for commercial weighing - the opportunity to officially verify CMI

•Network with control system

•Save logs to USB Flash Memory format for Excel

•Degree of protection IP54 (optional IP65)

•Integrated and weight driven separator

•Slanted controller for filler