Metal detectors

Metal detectors can detect metal objects from materials of iron, brass, steel, aluminum in almost any product or material during the continuous transportation on the conveyor.


Metal detectors can be integrated into heavy duty conveyor for wood processing (logs, chips, sawdust), coal, cement, in the rubber industry, or into the lines in the food, pharmaceutical and similar industries. You can check the material itself or its packaging in bags, sheets, or already finished products in boxes and bags, whether frozen or room temperature.


You can select detectors:


•Typ SECUS – heavy industry - electronics design and detection coil for outdoor use and operation of coal handling, cement, wood industry

•Typy MDE a VISTUS – light industry - inductor design allows use in shop floors, for detection of packaged products and solid material


Metal Detectors VISTUS & SECUS provide:


•Compact design detection coil and control of electronics with the possibility of the remote version

•High search capability (eg. Stainless steel ball of 1 mm)

•Passage of products with dimensions of 1 cm (tablets) up to 200 x 120 cm

•Multifrequency design to eliminate ambient noise

•Fully digital measuring and controlling electronics

•Easy use colour touch screen

•Clear and understandable control menu

•Stainless steel with IP 65

•Direct management of the separator  of contaminated goods

•Possibility of supply, including the conveyor


MDE Metal Detectors provide:


•Dimensions detection coils from 7.5 x 3 cm up to 200 x 50 cm

•Detection at speeds of 0.05 m / s ... 5 m / s

•Can be disassembled version - no need to interrupt the belt

•Microprocessor controlled measuring and controlling electronics

•Sensitivity display and metal detection on the LCD display

•Simple operation with a few buttons

•Automatic diagnosis of faults with a fault description

•Wide range of sensitivity setting

•Great mechanical resistance to the environment (IP 65)

•Marking the place with a metal, separation device control