Automatic belt scales

Belt weighers are primarily used for measuring the current traffic performance and immediate and long-term total transmitted continuously conveyed quantities of bulk or lump material on the conveyor belt through the sleeper conveyor.


Weighing units EWM609, EWM1000 and EWM3000AT in conjunction with weighing drives EBDK, EBHZ or EBHL, can be used for weighing the amount of material passing the type of coal, gravel, stones, corn, potatoes, onions, various granules, flour, sugar, salt, etc.


Typical areas of use belt scales:


•Quarries - weighing gravel, rocks, sand

•Heat and Power - weighing coal or wood chips during the coaling boiler

•Cement - continuous measurement and the control of the amount of transportation of raw materials to the correct ratio resulting stirred mixture

•Agriculture - weighing the quantity of potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, grain loading on the car or put into storage

•Food - Transportation production of raw materials to the store or warehouse to production, measurement and control the flow of raw materials into production

•Mills - measuring the supply of raw materials for grinding or weighing of ground raw materials in the warehouse.

•Sladovny - weighing malt and other raw materials in the warehouse for the purpose of mixing or loading for transportation.

•Chemical industry - continuous weighing transported loose granular products and the type of fertilizer, granular materials


An offer of weighting mechanics (weighing bridges):


•EBDK – small capacity up to 70 t / h

•EBHL – medium up to 500 t / h

•EBHZ – large capacities up to 3 000 t / h

•Special – large capacities up to 10 000 t / h


An offer of weighing units (weighing electronics):


•EWM609 – commercial weighing verification CMI, control buttons

•EWM1000 – weighing technology, control buttons

•EWM3000AT – weighing technology, touchscreen


Connectivity weights and superior system (PLC or PC):


•Pulse outputs

•Analog outputs




•Optionally other busses