Palletization lines for rubber bales

Packaging and palletizing lines for rubber for finalization of production is a complex and a completely manufactured assembly equipment. Depending on the specific requirements of the contracting authority / users, it allows semi-Automatic or fully automatic transport from the presses, inspection, weighing and packing rubber pellets and then stored automatically in the crates, including packaging labeling applications printed self-adhesive labels with identifying barcodes or RFID technologies.


Wrapping part of the line can contain according to customer requirements:


• The auto transport rubber pellets from one or more presses for roller or belt conveyors with extra buffering (automatic stopping and shifting briquettes occupied conveyors).

• Automatic check for the presence of metal in each briquette with separation contaminated.

• Automatic packaging pellets into films including the ability to reprint symbols, letters or codes on the film.

• Automatic weighting each briquettes machine. separation of nonconforming weight.

• Automatic measurement of moisture briquettes.



Pallet lines can contain according to customer requirements:


• The auto transport various types of boxes (empty and full) for storing briquettes for chain conveyors with extra buffering (automatic stopping and sorting boxes occupied conveyors).

• Automatic magazine publishing collapsible crates type GoodPack.

• The semi-automatic folding crates type GoodPack.

• Automatic insertion of polyethylene bags or foil in boxes.

• Automatic weighing empty and full crates before and after loading.

• Automatic robotic store individual pellets or briquettes assemblies 3x1 or 3x2 into the box.

• Automatically print / reprint + application of adhesive labels on boxes.

• Automatic reading and writing data to identification tags RFID technology.

• Automatic application of the upper cover sheet (stretch hood) for filled boxes.


We deliver complete packaging and palletizing as well as the parts and machines into present lines. We also provide a complete installation, commissioning and servicing of machines delivered and lines.


Complete deliveries of packing and palletizing lines may contain a complete system management, control and visualization, including sending data to the host system users. By default are mounted controller and HMI panels Siemens and fieldbus Ethernet, Profibus-DP and PROFINET.

Of course there is a complete supply of tech. documentation, incl. certificates, and el. revision of a declaration of conformity.



Samozřejmostí dodávky je i kompletní tech. dokumentace, vč. certifikátů, el. revizí a prohlášení o shodě.